Craig Callahan, "The Butler To Go" is a highly experienced butler who provides professional staffing services to private clients both nationally and internationally. The Butler To Go gives a new definition to world-class personalized service, providing clients with sophisticated standards of luxury. He is recognized for his exceptional service, meticulous standards and is knowledgeable in all areas of specialty. He understands the importance of your time and privacy which is why he offers superior service with a variety of skills to match your unique needs. The Butler To Go's goal is to make your life easier and more enjoyable in every way possible. Your satisfaction is his top priority which is why The Butler To Go promises to deliver outstanding butler services that will exceed your expectations. Book The Butler To Go for your next event, holiday vacation or for individual and family services! Click below to learn more and to reserve available dates.



Butler services include managing a single residence, supervising household staff, setting up the household and ensuring all duties are fulfilled.


Steward duties include butler service, preparing vessel for charter, detailing, laundry, cleaning, and provisioning.


The Butler To Go provides flight attendant services on noncommercial aircrafts such as charter planes and corporate jets.


Personal Assistant services include keeping up with the social and professional demands of the client.

"I've had the pleasure of knowing Craig Callahan for 2 years. I met him when we took a trip on a private yacht in the Caribbean where Craig was employed as a Steward. We appreciated his work ethic and non-intrusive work style so much that we offered him a job at the end of the yachting season. Craig is trustworthy, dedicated and takes pride in doing a good job. His demeanor is very easy to be around. He performs tasks with the appropriate sense of urgency and multi-tasks to accomplish many things in the course of a workday. "
Lauri Corliss

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